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Art Direction // Conception

Latest Projects

From the first Spark of an Idea. Strong Stories drive strong Brands. Find the latest Projects on Conception, Storyboarding & Art Direction. 

DFB Sammelalbum 

A World Cup also includes a scrapbook. Together with the German national player Thomas Müller and the sports influencer Jannick Freestyle, the combination seems perfect: great ideas with lots of humour and jokes! From the first idea to co-directing on set, this is one of the most exciting projects in 2022. 


Die Bewertungslöscher

Bewertungslö is one of the leading companies for review removal with the assistance of legal support in Germany. The challenge is a concept that approaches the subject with caution while still generating high attention. A grateful client with an exciting mission turned the production into a fantastic event!

National Geographic 

As an industry partner of the REWE Group, National Geographic has high standards for cooperative advertising. Development of an appealing storyboard with convincing visuals were the basic prerequisite for a successful brand appearance of both companies. Planning & control of the production were also part of the assignment. 

REWE Bio Ziegenkäse

Animal welfare and sustainable production of organic products is the core message. Accompanied by a personal relationship between farmer and animal, we use visual cross-fades to tell a short story about how Rewe cares for its own producers and their animals. Concept, Storyboard & Art Direction. 

Glinicke Genuss Festival

How do we get an established car dealership and a renowned restaurant into a 15 second commercial. With the help of a local influencer and a common story, we invite the regional target group to the largest food festival in the state. Concept, Storyboard, Video Content. 

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